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The Evolution of the Bing Search Engine Optimization

The term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the practice of making the search for the relevant keywords more specific as well as meaningful. The main aim behind all the efforts of the Search Engine Optimization is to make sure that the user or the visitor who is searching the web for a specific entity reaches the desired destination. The creators and the developers of the website make sure that the website that they are working on are the ones that appear high on the search engines and are also found useful to the visitor. Almost all the techniques and the tricks that the SEO people perform while working on the client' website are to make sure that the website appears high on the search engines for the keywords that would be used by the visitor while searching. It also aims at displaying the website at a higher ranking to the visitors who would be looking for the products and services that are provided by the client. In general the main aim of the Search Engine Optimization is to make the visitor and the result that they are looking for meet each other. Some of the major search engines that are at the moment being used most prominently by the users all across the globe are the Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Going by the results given by the Net Applications Bing Search Engine Optimization is the third largest search engine on the web by query volume at 3.16% behind the Yahoo at 6.15% and the largest one that is Google at 85. 35%. The history of Bing goes back to the year 1998 when MSN search was launched in the third quarter of the same year and comprised of the search engine, index, and a web crawler. In the initial phase the MSN Search used the search results from the inktomi and in the year 1999 another version was launched that displayed listing from the Looksmart. After a brief tango with the results from Alta Vista, MSN started displaying the results from the self built search engine. The next step in the odyssey was the launching of the Windows live search on September 11, 2006 that replaced the MSN Search. The tabs that the new search engine used were the web, music, images, desktop, local, news, and the Microsoft Encarta.

In the year 2007 and in the month of March the rebranding of the Windows Live search was done and now it was renamed as the Live Search. In order to create a separate identity for the Microsoft's Search Results, the Live Search was officially renamed as "Bing" on June 3, 2009. One of the drastic results from these renaming and other efforts by Microsoft is that the market share of Bing has seen a dramatic rise in the USA from 8% to 11.5% by February 2010.

The features that the Bing Search Engine Optimization can boast of are:
  • Left side navigation Pane. Includes the easy navigation.
  • The daily changing of the background image that enhances and enriches the visitor's experience as the images are those of the noteworthy places and sometimes of the people, animals as well as sports
  • An extended right side preview that shows a bigger view of the page.
  • The facility of the Sublinks.
  • One some of the sites the Bing would show the customer service number on the result pages.

All in all, it can be verily said that the Microsoft's Bing is an experience that is worth giving a try.

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