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Various strategies for online promotion

Developing a company on the web is similar to creating a brick and mortar business, but with many differences. The need of big money such as that required to open an offline business does not apply to the Internet. The versatility of the web provides one with many ways to optimize your web based business without having to spend a large amount of capital. There are several online promotion techniques. There are paid methods to enhance traffic flow to your website.

For online promotion it is not about money, rather it is about smart strategies, latest technologies that you can take advantage of to drive free and low cost traffic to your website. You can actually generate traffic at no costs or very low cost. Some of the tricks and techniques for online promotion of your website have been discussed here.

Join Forums in your Niche: Joining a forum that is focused on your niche can be a smart way of online promotion. A forum is an online platform for like minded individuals with whom you can communicate about your niche. Online forum is referred to as electronic discussion boards, discussion forums and discussion groups. Every industry has hundreds of forums to choose from. The best part about forums is that you can target a certain group of people that fits the demographics you are looking for. There are some forums that allow posting your message without registering whereas other forums require one to register with a login name and a password before being allowed to participate in any discussions. You can enter a post and participate in the ongoing discussions. By entering a post you are able to place a copy of your website link at the bottom. Since these websites are usually high traffic sites, they have a high page rank. The strategy is, when you place your link on the forum, it is crawled as a back link to your website from a high page rank site so there is a high probability that your site will end up in the search engines.

Submit to Directories: On the web, there are more than 100 directories one can submit their website to. A directory is used on the web as a repository or a huge database of information about websites that is optimized for reading. A directory supports search and browsing in addition to simple lookups. Although a directory does not list every website on the mesh, they do catalogue all sites that submit their website for that purpose. With hundreds of website directories on the Internet it becomes imperative to locate and submit your website to as many as you can find. It is very much essential to create a list or database of directories as you would be submitting your website to them once a month or so.

Press release: This is yet another effective way to establish passive free website promotion traffic. A press release is a written public relations announcement sent to a list of targeted news publications to generate interest about events in your company, either new events or added product/services for example. However, make sure you send to a list of targeted journalists that are geared to the product or service you are announcing.

These are some of the simple strategies for online promotion.

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