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In online marketing of a website, first impression matters!

The design of a website is a primary decisive factor that can contribute towards the "building credibility" factor. For online marketing of a website and for boosting your sales, right application of website graphics is important. The website graphics give the potential customers their first impression of your website. It is very important to create a consistent overall image of your site to retain potential customers and to build credibility for converting these potential customers into loyal customers. It is the quality of the graphics and its positioning in your website that is important to create a consistent overall image of your site, to make it look both attractive and professional. Using professional looking graphics, one can enhance the look of the site.

The key purpose of launching a website is to convey message across to the target audience. The information can be either informative or promotional. In either case, the quality of the content should be very good, and there has to be proper flow in the content. To retain web surfers to your website, you need to break up the text with well positioned and relevant graphics, ensuring that the Web surfer's interest is held while you get your message conveyed across to the target audience. The graphics should be complementary to the text, thereby enhancing the overall look and fell of the website. Generally the visitors do not take more than 3 seconds for scanning a webpage. The visitor should be able to go through a web page and instantly know what to expect from the rest of the site. The first impression can make a difference. Website graphics and their positioning play a major role in online marketing of a website.

The impatient web surfers will not wait for ages for the web pages to load. So the formats used for website graphics are either JPG or GIF. These formats load quicker than others. The JPG format is used for photographs and the GIF format is used for buttons, logos or menu bars. When you are working with graphics in JPG format, editing can be a matter of concern. Every time the image is edited and saved, there is degradation in the quality of the image. So it would be better to edit the image in the native format of the image manipulation software you are using before you finally save it in JPG format.

The size of the graphics can be an important factor as well. When the visitor opens a webpage, not only the web page gets downloaded onto their system, the graphics get downloaded as well. In such a case, if your website contains large graphic files then it may take very long time to download, causing the viewer to lose interest and probably leave the site. Moreover, graphics can use a lot of bandwidth, so if there are a lot of large graphic files on the site, then eventually the cost of running that site may escalate. Start calculating in terms of pixels as this is what your web page is measured in.

For effective online marketing of a website, use professional website graphics that can enhance the look of your website, increase popularity and entice viewers to return thereby generating better revenue and business growth.

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