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The True Nature Of The Job Of A Web Marketing Specialist

The term web marketing refers to the marketing of the products and services over the medium of internet. It is also known by other names like the internet marketing, online-marketing, search engine marketing, i-marketing, as well as e-marketing. Internet in the recent times has emerged as a unique medium of marketing since it not only allows the visitor to visit the sites that are of interest to him but also allows them to interact. The interactive nature of the internet sets it apart from the other traditional mediums of marketing that have a limited audience as well as limited viewing capacity. Web marketing brings together the creative as well as the technical aspects of the internet that get reflected in the design, development, advertising and sales.

The advantages of the web marketing:

The web marketing is far much more inexpensive then as compared to the other traditional forms of marketing and can reach out to the wider audience than these mediums. The nature of the medium is such that the customer to the site has the advantage of making purchases over the net at his own convenience as well as comfort level. The web marketing specialist is capable to allow the people in making these purchases quickly and thus he can be assured of getting the results quickly. The web marketing specialist has to base his strategies and expect the overall effectiveness of the marketing campaign on the business goals and the cost-volume-profit analysis. Another advantage that the web marketing specialist has is that he can get the statistics easily as well as at very cost effective ways. Almost all the aspects of the web marketing can be traced, tested and measured. Some of the methods that the web marketing specialist can use are the methods of pay per click, pay per impression, pay per action, and pay per play. It allows the web marketing specialist the freedom to choose the method that would be the most appropriate for the customer. Since the visitor to the website has to click on the ad, visit the website and perform a specified action therefore the result of the internet marketing campaign can be tracked immediately. In the other forms of marketing this kind of immediate tracking is not at all possible. The web marketing specialist can have a greater accountability as the exposure, response, as well as the efficiency of the internet as a media can be tracked easily by using, for example, web analytics.

Apart from all the stated advantages of web marketing, there are certain limitations also. The internet marketing is entirely based on the internet technologies. Thus on one hand it is beneficial but on the other hand it can be a limiting factor. The customers that are using the dial-up connections or the mobile hand-held devices would face difficulties in reaching a complicatedly designed website. Another limitation is that the customer does not have the freedom of testing the products before purchasing them. All of these problems are now being given some serious consideration. Apart from that there are some security issues also that do not allow a full fledged avalanche of advertising through this medium.