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Software Development

Seo Logistics talented development teams have designed custom Embedded software applications for a variety of industries and business types. Compunix turns your ideas into reality, ON TIME, ON BUDGET, EVERYTIME! By building custom solutions tailored to your unique business model and geared to optimize the success of your organization for a fixed price, Seo Logistics offers their complete satisfaction, guaranteed. With Compunix, your custom solutions are cheaper than buying a packaged solution, and with the right tools we make you solutions uniquely tailored to your company; after all, your organization is successful due to its unique scheme in your industry.

At Seo Logistics we believe IT consulting is all about assessing technologies from a myriad of options and selecting solutions which will best meet business objectives and ensure long term value. Our solutions help you organize business and technology strategies - cost effectivelyFor small businesses to be competitive, they have to explore the various technologies that are affordable and available.One of the key differentiators for small businesses is the ability to use software designed and built specifically for them.Solutions can be as simple as customizing existing off-the-shelf applications, or they can be developed from the ground up using traditional development tools.

Seo Logistics software development team has created custom applications for our customers in fields such as software engineering, manufacturing, law, call centres and hospitality. Our software development process combines our unique requirements identification, collection and documentation with development tools that meets the budgetary requirements of smaller companies. Our 100% record in delivering applications that meet exactly what our customer needs is a testament to our development approach.

The best brains of our software company are available on your project Human element is at the heart of offshore software development. In our software company we have organized two laboratories and one training center in cooperation with two major technical universities in our country. It enables us to find, select, and employ the best technical specialists and managers available on the market of software companies.