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Some online reputation management guidelines for the business

Online reputation management or ORM is a relatively new term which refers to the practice of regularly monitoring the business's or brand name's standing in an online community. But the question arises that why is it important to check the business online image. The answer should be quite obvious. Almost every business owner of today's market uses the internet on a regular basis just to find out how and where to buy the products or services that they need. Therefore, your business's online reputation has a huge effect on the business's actual or real life success.

The challenge of an online reputation management comes from the fact that online social media web portals as well as the popularity of the user generated content (UGC) makes it difficult to control one's online business reputation. Bad reviews and negative articles that were posted by the competitors about the business have a huge effect on your online reputation. Here are a few tips that help you combat negative reviews and plan the status that you want:

Social Media Profiles

Setting up useful profiles of the business on social media web sites like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and Twitter is one of the most important parts of the good online reputation management. It includes the company's history and task report as well as company bios, avatars and logos and any information that an owner wants his or her business to be known for. A business owner should make all the content of the business's social media profiles applicable and useful, so that search engine spiders are able to find it easily. Remember that online reputation management is about influencing what others say about you and to give people numbers of good things to say in your social media profiles.

Taking part in the online community

To have a good social media profile or even numerous ones is at all not enough. A business owner has to communicate with his customers and business community. It simply means that returning back the people's emails and answering the comments or by encouraging and participating in the forum discussions. To being active in an online community is a great way to increase your network of influence through increased control of an online reputation.

Write content a lot

Posting the articles and blogs at regular intervals is a big part of online reputation management as well. Well written blogs and articles that get a lot of hits will easily help the business owner to spread his or her brand name and improve his or her search engine results page positions.


Once you have set up profiles, blogs and well written articles about the industry for various web sites, just check up on your company's online status on a daily basis. You can also do a Google search on your business and see the idea of the people about the popular online forums and social media web sites.