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Use Online reputation management tools to protect your brand

Negative publicity about your brand can have a serious impact on your business. Your online reputation on the web can affect your business growth, output and profit margin. To shield the brand image, big companies are resorting to Online Reputation Management.

Online Reputation Management is the process of following online references to a brand, company, person or service while having a plan in place to deal with any negative feedback. You need to follow a three fold path for Online Reputation Management. The first step would be to monitor and keep track of public perception. Evaluate the feedback that your receive. Consider individual feedback, as well as the source, outlet, reach and timing for risk analysis. Last but not the least, your action should be based on your evaluation.

Nowadays, there are numerous firms offering ORM services.  However, there are free tools available for monitoring your online reputation. Some of the free ORM tools for blog monitoring are as given below:

  • BackType Blog Comments Monitoring – This tool indexes conversations from blogs, social networks and other social media. BackType Blog Comments Monitoring has an alert function that e-mails updates whenever a search term is mentioned in a comment.
  • BlogPulse – BlogPulse is a blog search engine with several complementary tools such as Trend Search and Conversion Tracker that analyzes the data it collects.
  • Google Blog Search – This is a Google beta search engine for blogs.
  • Technorati – Technorati is the leading blog search engine indexing millions of blog posts in real time. It also tracks the authority, influence and popularity of blogs.

Some of the free ORM tools for Twitter Monitoring are:

  • Monitter – A real-time Twitter monitor for up to three keywords at a time
  • TweetBeep – This tool provides hourly Twitter alerts sent via e-mail. You can specify keywords, people and links to track.
  • Tweet Later – TweetLater has a number of features for Twitter users, and it also monitors Twitter and e-mails you a digest of the tweets that contain your specified keywords. You can also use this to track your @replies.
  • Twitter Search – This ORM tool searches all Twitter activity for keywords, links or user activity in real time.

Some of the free ORM tools for Link Monitoring are as given below:

  • BackTweets – This is a service by BackType that allows an engine to search for specific links mentioned on Twitter.
  • WhoLinksToMe – A link search tool that tracks backlinks and makes them easily sortable by anchor text, origination, and by the target URL with enhanced reporting capability. You might as well import links from Google Webmaster Tools for enhanced analysis.

In the market there are several other tools for online reputation management:

  • Google Alerts – Your keyword search results are sent via e-mail for keyword mentions in news, web, blogs, video and groups categories.
  • BoardTracker – This tool searches discussion boards and forum threads for specified keywords. You can also sign up for e-mail alerts.
  • MonitorThis – MonitorThis is a search aggregator for up to 26 search engine feeds.
  • Naymz – A social network focused on reputation, personal branding, and identity verification.
  • Purewire Trust – An online portal that helps people verify reputation information about themselves and those with whom they interact online. You can search by e-mail address, URL or web application.
  • Yasni – This is a search engine dedicated to finding people on the web through publicly available information, including images, videos, social networking profiles and posts.

With umpteen tools available on the web, you will probably need to do some research to determine which services fulfill your needs.