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Online reputation management tool to shield your brand image

Brand building requires detailed planning, smart strategies, and lot of time to build up your reputation and image both online and off. So you need to be doubly sure that no one is trying to spoil your reputation, be it disgruntled ex-employees, dissatisfied customers or unethical competitors. Although there are many reputation management tools, the latest online reputation management tool is Trackur.


Trackur is a new reputation tool that searches blogs, news sites, images, and videos for you to track your name, company brands, industry trends, or even news about your competitor. This tool enables you to search for a keyword or keywords and also allows you to filter that search to include only instances where that keyword is coupled with other words and/or filter out instances where certain other keywords are present. Now that the search has been customized, it can be saved and then subscribed to via an RSS feed or email. The items Trackur finds can also be bookmarked or emailed. The bottom-level price of this online reputation management tool is USD 88 per month.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is considered to be the simplest and easiest ways to track something on the way; be it your reputation or otherwise. With this free service you can search either all of Google's properties, or you can specify that only News, Blogs, Web, Video, or Groups is searched. You can then configure the Alerts results to be emailed to you either on daily basis or on weekly basis. There is also a page where you can edit the alerts once they are created or delete them when they are no longer in use.


If you intend to search what is being about you, your brand then you can use Technorati, a good free resource for tracking and indexing posts as they are published;  with any search you do on the site, there is an RSS button that you can use to subscribe to the search. When screening the results on the web site, you can check out different tabs to track Posts, Blogs, Photos, or Videos containing your search terms.


MonitorThis is yet another simple online tool that lets you subscribe to results of a search from 22 different search engine feeds at the same time. The engines searched include the major search engines such as Google, MSN, and Yahoo, as well as smaller engines like Plazoo, Blogmarks, and Topix. The results are provided in OPML format. Although you have to copy and paste the code into a file you create on your computer in order to subscribe, it is better to check out the list of engines searched as this makes a good resource.


Naymz is basically a web profile aggregator and it offers reputation metrics service. The key objective of Naymz is to make sure that you are in control of your name on the internet. This web profile aggregator allows you to configure your profile with links to your other online profiles, contact info, endorsements, recent web activity, tags, and more. The service also buys your name as a keyword on Google so that people are able to find you. If you wish to avail the premium features that this service offers, then it is available for USD 9.95 per month. Naymz is not only a great alternative to the new Trackur service but is more affordable as its premium features are a fraction of Trackur's price.

An online reputation management tool offers smart ways to use the web and various applications to stay on top of your online reputation or track any keyword of your choice without having to spend out a large, monthly fee.