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Content online reputation management - A must for protecting your brand image

Content online reputation management is all about online reputation monitoring. It is a streamlined process of analyzing an individual's overall reputation on the web including his personal and professional persona depicted or represented through the use of online social media.

It is a new concept that has been widely accepted by the business owners. To shield the brand image, various types of professionals are using this concept to manage negative posting, or uncontrolled submission of content generated via amateur individuals or journalists. Content online reputation management refers to the practice of constant monitoring and reliable research as well as analysis of an organization's reputation characterized by the content across all types of online media. The reputation management process monitors user generated content such as online news, user generated blogs, ratings, reviews, comments, high end content that is published by big media corporations and the competitor's websites. One should conduct an extensive research on various types of contents including Social Media, Search Results, Blogs, Forums and News Search. The entire process focuses on brands, products, services and companies. Marketers monitor the content published or posted by competitor and other related sites. There are various sources from where one can monitor and track the Web content like search engines, Rich Site Summary Feeds or Social Media via tags. Once the content has been tracked on the web, the Reputation Management Service optimizes the digital communications that includes Public Relations, marketing, investor relations and other related electronic content available on the Internet.

One of the major reasons the need for online reputation management came up is because of the irregular flow of user generated content on a constant basis, which had to be monitored for obvious reasons. Social media/social networking websites have grown massive in the past couple of years and with the user generated content has also grown to a high extent, which started to have an impact on the major search engines too.

There are online reputation management tools such as Brandseye, Trackur and Google Alerts that help in monitoring your reputation. Given below are some examples of online social media that is being managed by Content online reputation management:

  • Social networking websites such as MySpace, Facebook, Orkut
  • Social bookmarking sites such as Delicious and Digg
  • Weblogs and Discussion boards/forums
  • Review sites such as Mouthshut, Yelp.
  • Micro blogging services such as Twitter

Content online reputation management can prove to be highly beneficial in a number of ways. This online reputation management technique ensures better customer satisfaction rate by looking into the customer's point of view and analyzing their opinion about a particular product. Reputation management can also be useful to analyze what kind of competition the other similar products in the market hold. Finally, content online reputation management can be leveraged in a simple way by finding out targeted keywords that people use to search for your product or service online. The online world of business is challenging and in order to establish and maintain a reputation it is imperative to give content and design a serious thought.