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Search engines are the rafts that help traverse this unfathomable ocean called internet and you are the cherished destination.

A Brief Description Of The Free Search Engines

Search engine at best can be compared to a raft that can take us on a well guided tour to the places that we need and want to see. It is a raft that can help you in getting the best out of your voyage in the vast ocean of the virtual world of the internet. Some of the major names in the world of search engines that have captured the imagination of the people all across the world are the Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Almost all of these three search engines are present in almost all the countries that can be thought of. But in order to get your passionately designed website rank high in the search engines you need the services of the webmasters that cam guarantee you a good rank on the search engines. And for that you have to make some good investment to make sure that you are listed in the top rankings of the search engines. It is really a matter of great concern that with all the major search engines around there is still some scope of frauds as well as some irregularities that might take place in the search engines. Your money could be at risk if you do not choose the company that would be providing you the SEO services wisely.

One concept that is fast gaining ground in the world of the internet marketing is that of the open source search engines. There are various kinds of search engines that can help you in promoting your site in the best possible manner. The differentiation can be done on the basis of the criteria as well as the subject matter that the website is dealing with. The search engines could be that of the web search engines, metasearch engines, selection based search engines, web portals, and desktop search tools. But the concept of the open source search engine is one of the most revolutionary as well as the most promising concept in the world of internet marketing.

Some of the most famous open source search engines that can also be called the free search engines are the Isearch, Lemur toolkit & indri search engine, Namazu, Open FTS, Science net, Sphinx, Terrier Search engine, YaCy, Zettair, dataprkSearch, and grub.

Some of the key features of the free search engine are:
  • Popularity rank that is based on the neural network model.
  • Support available for the http, https, nntp, ftp, and news URL schemes.
  • External parsers support for the other document types that includes. Microsoft word, Excel, power point, flash, and adobe acrobat PDF.
  • The sorting of the results on the basis of the relevancy.
  • Offering of an accent insensitive news option.
  • Can handle the basic authentication and cookies.
  • The ability to handle the international domain names.
  • The ability to perform and multi threaded indexing for faster uploading.
  • Stores a compressed text version of the documents for extracting and viewing.
  • Also the facility of the flexible update scheduling
  • Effective catching gives significant time reduction in search times.
  • Ability to specify a content body tag.

There are myriad of other facilities that can be availed from the free search engine

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