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An Understanding of the AdSense Optimization Process

The AdSense optimization program has been initiated by the Google in order to get maximum benefits for the websites that are not big enough to get traffic on them. The entire amount of money that these websites make is through the advertisements that are placed on them. The introduction of the AdSense has completely altered the manner in which the internet marketing can be done. In fact it has introduced a completely new aspect of the internet marketing for the websites that are already live but either do not have the resources to do the SEO or just do not wish to get involved with the SEO action. It is really important that the people who perform the AdSense optimization for their clients are well versed with the ways and manners of the AdSense operations. For the websites that do not have the potential to attract decent amount of traffic to them, the Google AdSense can be the best way to generate revenue from their online efforts.

Any company that is doing the AdSense optimization for its clients has to take into account certain factors like:
  • The utilization of the traffic generating techniques to get more clicks on the advertisements.
  • The proper addition of the content on the websites to get the maximum clicks on the Ad.
  • The content creation of the websites should be such that it should be able to attract the maximum traffic on the site.

One thing that needs to be taken into account is the fact that the Ad sense program is based on the Google Adwords program, and thus any effort for AdSense optimization is done while keeping into account the fact that the Adwords program is based on the complex pricing model of the Vickrey Second Price Auction. Each and every AdSense optimization campaign has to carried out on the basis of this realization.

Some of the other factors that are necessary to be considered for the AdSense Optimization are:
  • The placement of the ads: The section that has been chosen to place your ads play a very vital role in getting the maximum number of clicks. It has been observed that the ads that are placed above the fold have a higher click through rates than the others. Although not a rule but just an observation and analysis.
  • The color used in the ads: The color of the ads can also play a significant role in getting the requisite clicks. Although not a determining factor but still it can play a big role in determining the success of the AdSense optimization. Either the ads can be blended with the website or they can be made to stand alone.
  • The relevance of the Ads: The Google AdSense crawler can very easily make out the relevancy of the ads to the content on the website. One method that can decide the relevancy is the section targeting method. This requires thorough knowledge of the HTML.
  • The use of channels: It is possible to keep a check on the performance of the ads on the Google AdSense. Once the position at which the ads are performing better is known then the optimizer can optimize the ads accordingly.

The Google AdSense optimization is the best option to generate revenue on the websites that do not have the potential to get sufficient amount of traffic.