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Advantages of PPC advertising

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is all about placing a small "ad" on the search results page for a specific keyword or keywords. The PPC ads are displayed when a user searches for your services or products. PPC advertising can be a profitable approach if you are targeting those customers who are actively seeking information on product or services relevant to yours. Irrespective of your budget, you only need to pay for the customers who click your link. PPC campaigns are suitable for different kinds of businesses. Generally advertisers utilize search engines to post their advertisements.

Primarily, there are two major pay per click campaigns, Google AdWords, owned by Google and Yahoo! Search Marketing, which is Yahoo's PPC service. Pay per click advertising is a unique, profitable, reliable approach and is gaining importance at a very fast pace. However, considering the growing demand of this marketing tool, Pay per click advertising would be more expensive and competitive in the future. Pay per click advertising campaign should be managed, well-implemented and monitored professionally to ensure the best return on investment.  There are companies in the market that offer related services for well-managed PPC advertising. These organizations suggest comprehensive PPC campaign management programs and strategies to their customers so that advertisers save on cost but get high returns on investment. Proper management of your PPC advertising, will enable you to formulate PPC affiliate programs and create PPC banners that will increase click-through rate and sign ups. Target audience will be directed to your web site at the lowest possible cost per click.

Some of the advantages of PPC advertising over other advertising media are as given below:
  • PPC reaches its target market at a fast rate as compared to other online and offline advertisements
  • This online advertising media generates more qualified leads as compared to other advertising media, as it targets customers who are seeking information on products/services relevant to your niche
  • You can easily track the lead conversion of a PPC campaign
  • PPC advertising is a cost effective online approach for reaching global customers. It is much cheaper as compared to traditional media, which has limited usage. Only web marketing can give you global reach at such a cost effective rate.
  • Ongoing improvements: Unlike other mediums there is always a scope of improvement. If no one clicks your PPC ad, you can fine tune the ad copy, until you achieve desired results.
The success of PPC campaign management depends on the following:
  • Keyword research and analysis: Selecting the most effective keyword at a profitable cost per click rate is a specialized skill developed from running numerous campaigns
  • Writing compelling ad copy - Ads should be written in a way that encourages your target market to take action. Study your target audience and select appropriate emotional trigger words for favorable returns.
  • Writing and designing attractive landing pages - Expert ad copy writers and web designers focus on the landing page, also called the make-or-break page that the visitor comes to. If your ad copy wins their interest, you have a fair chance of converting the sales lead.

Advertisers identify their needs in PPC advertising prior to availing the services of advertising campaign agencies. This is to optimize conversion of visitors into customers.

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