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Google Pay Per Click Advertising Is Revolutionizing Online Marketing

Google pay per click advertising method in the online world is the advertising method in which the advertiser or the website owner pays the host only when a visitor clicks on their advertisements. When the site owner is displaying his ad on the search engines then the procedure involves placing bids on the relevant keywords or keyword phrases. The payment is generally calculated in terms of the Cost per Click (CPC). The cost per click is the amount that the advertiser pays to the publisher for a single click on its website.

Some of the biggest names in the domain of pay per click advertisement are the Google AdWords, Microsoft AdCenter and the Yahoo! Search Marketing. Although there are many other service providers in PPC, these three are the biggest names. All three of them work under a bid based model though the CPC rates vary from search engine to search engine and also on the level of competition that exists for a particular keyword.

One of the main shortcomings of the PPC bid models is that it is susceptible to click fraud by the competitors or corrupt web developers. The Google pay per click advertising method along with the other such systems have developed some automated systems to guard against such acts.

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