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Outsourcing to India - Beneficial for Global Organizations

Nowadays, outsourcing to India is one of the most popular management practices spurred by the cost reduction factor and the talent pool of India. These are the two primary reasons why one should consider offshore outsourcing to India. Service providers of India not only offer cost effective solutions, but also ensure value addition by improving productivity and quality.

Global companies are choosing to outsource today because of several reasons such as cost-effective services, increased efficiency and productivity, shared risks, increased quality, better services, reduced operating costs, and more time to focus on core functions. These are some of the reasons why companies outsource to India.

Companies outsource non-core activities to stay competitive. Global organizations are well-aware that to stay ahead in the rat race, they need to reduce costs, provide superior quality, use the latest high-tech skills, as well as provide reliable services. India has a pool of talented people forming a mature industry with world-class systems and quality and exporting software to more than 90 countries around the world. Not only companies offer technological dexterity, flexibility, and a competitive advantage, it also offers world-class infrastructure and incentives for foreign investments.

India stands out as a leading market for IT outsourcing. India has high tech facilities, the good infrastructure and a pool of English speaking workforce that provides good quality services for extremely low costs results in huge savings for companies. This is one of the primary reasons why most fortune 500 companies outsource to India. India has become the global hub for software enabled services and software development.

Outsourcing to India, can give an organization an edge over others. Some of the reasons why companies are outsourcing to India are:

  • Cost-effective services: This is the main reason why global organizations outsource to India. Outsourcing to India can help you save more than half of your operating costs. India has a pool of educated and technically skilled manpower that has enabled India to provide cost-effective services without compromising on quality. Outsourcing to India, will not only help you save on your operating costs, but will increase your productivity, quality and efficiency.
  • High-quality services: India uses the latest in software and technology to provide global customers with high-quality outsourcing solutions. India has proved its technical expertise and excellence as compared to other countries that provide outsourcing solutions. India uses the best technology and software and does not compromise on the quality of the service being offered. Moreover, India has the largest English-speaking audience after the U.S.
  • Time Zone Advantages: Organizations that wish to provide their customer with 24x7x365 days customer support or helpdesk services can outsource to India. The time zone advantage between India and countries in the U.S and U.K has proved to be a significant factor why companies outsource to India.
  • India's stable government: The Government of India has given complete support to the Information Technology (IT) and Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) industry in India. It is the support from the government that has enabled Indians to build high-tech IT parks which has the best in technology and infrastructure. The Indian government has even permitted 100 per cent foreign equity. India's fast growing economy is yet another reason why companies are outsourcing to India.

These are some of the reasons why India has been the most preferred choice among global organization when it comes to outsourcing. The number of organizations outsourcing to India has gradually increased over the years. This is reason enough to outsource to India.