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Internet Marketing & SEO Case Studies » SEO Service for Vehicle Number Plates

Project Name: SEO Service for Vehicle Number Plates
Industry: Automobiles,Manufacturing
Technologies Used: SEO
Client Brief

Platinum plates is one of the leading providers of privatized plates in UK. In order to further extend its popularity over the web platinum plates wanted a professional and a search engine friendly website.

In order to accomplish its agenda platinum plates approached Flexsin to create a website that was effective and search engine and user friendly. They also wanted to have a good search engine ranking and that too within a short span of time. The challenge lied in developing a dynamically optimized and search engine and user friendly website. This required maximum optimization of the website on all the major search engines.

Project Challenges

The professionals at Flexsin after analyzing the requirements and conducting a market research commenced the website designing phase and obtained the client's review. They then delivered the final design to the development team. The development team then made the required changes to make the website more search engine friendly.

The flexsin SEO professionals provided a set of guidelines that would make the website more search engine friendly to the development team. Taking into account the frame work provided by the SEO professionals and the usability and visibility viewpoints, the development team started the website development process. The website was formatted in such a professional way that it was very well suited to the web viewing from the usability and visibility perspective.

The Endeavor

The design and development of a website that was search engine friendly required the services of skilled web application and SEO professionals. The Professionals at flexsin had their goals firmly in sight. They had to accomplish the multiple objectives of creating, developing and ensuring that the site was ranked high in the search engines. With the objective firmly in their minds and a clear vision, an experienced team of professionals at flexsin chalked out a strategy to promote the website. In order to attain better rankings in the major search engines the web promotion team created a keyword centric content and then linked the website with other popular websites to increase its popularity.

The results achieved were:
Better search engine indexing or catching within a couple of weeks
Top 10 rankings with major keywords in all major search engines
Increase in traffic and generation of significant number of inquiries
The site receives a significant number of visitors
Keyword Ranking Status
Initial Current
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