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Internet Marketing & SEO Case Studies » SEO Service for E-commerce Website

Project Name: SEO Service for E-commerce Website
Industry: Retail and Ecommerce
Technologies Used: SEO
Client Brief

Client have a website and market the best computer, utility and industrial products. To expand business client needs top page ranking in major search engines.

Project Challenges

when flexsin team received the project, website rank not display with 95% of targeted keyword in major search engines. Flexsin SEO expert review the website, business industry and keep the website initial status in mind prepared a work strategy for the project. After the 6 month of hard SEO efforts our team succeeds to achieve the 80% of targeted keywords in major search engines search results.

The Endeavor

Flexsin could achieve the set target within six months. SEO techniques were used strategically to bring out the maximum potential of the website. During the course of the project, the client provided whole-hearted support in making the project a success.

Improve website search engine indexing or caching within a couple weeks
Top 10 rankings with major keywords in all major search engines
Generates significant inquires
Increase in number of unique visitors
The site receives a significant number of visitors
Keyword Ranking Status
Initial Current
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hid head light 0 23
hid headlight 0 36
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hid headlight conversion 0 40
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hid kit accessories 0 1
hid light 0 0
hid light kits 0 75
hid lighting kits 0 0
hid replacement ballast 89 9
hid replacement bulb 0 79
hid xenon conversion kits 0 0
hid xenon lamp 0 0
hid xenon light 0 86
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xenon light 0 0
xenon headlight 0 71
xenon hid kits 0 34
xenon hid lamps 0 28
xenon hid light 0 33
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