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Internet Marketing & SEO Case Studies » SEO Service for Cell phone based Website

Project Name: SEO Service for Cell phone based Website
Industry: Retail and Ecommerce
Technologies Used: SEO
Client Brief purpose is to offer the highest quality and most realistic hidden flasks / secret flask to the world and provide citizens of the world with the highest quality hidden flasks at the best possible prices.

Client wants to increase its Internet presence by improving its ranking in major search engines and at the same time wants to move more qualified traffic towards its website. The overall aim of the client is to get online sales and to build an online brand in global market.

Project Challenges

At the project initiation phase, the website search engine ranking was zero and the site was not indexed in all the search engines like google, yahoo and msn.

At Flexsin we have thoroughly analyze the requirements and done target market research, a SEO professionals team at Flexsin started working on to improve the website's internet presence and overall qualified traffic and flask sales for the client.

The Flexsin SEO professionals have provided a set of guidelines that ultimately made the website more search engine friendly.

The Endeavor

The SEO Professionals in Flexsin Technologies have shown a big improvement in websites keyword ranking in very short span of time only two months. Most of the keywords in major search engines have improved significantly and traffic and flask sales on website is also improved with good amount.

The overall project is of 8 months, but with the day by day improvement is keywords and traffic, the SEO team is sure to achieve its target to get top ranking for the website before estimated time frame.

Improved website search engine indexing or caching within a couple weeks
Improved ranking in and with large pace.
Improvement in visits towards website through search engines with in two months.
Increase in New visits in website with decrease bounce rate by providing site architecture recommendations to client.
The site receives a significant number of visitors
Keyword Ranking Status
Initial Current
Cell Phone Flask 0 15
Phone Flask 0 18
Binoculars Flask 0 37
Flask Binocular 0 51
Hidden Flask 0 22
Sports Flask 0 17
Liquor Flask 0 155
Liquor Flasks 0 138
Secret Flask 0 29
Camera Flaks 0 7